Nano Cell Care

Introducing Nano CellCare - a revolutionary anti-aging technology that's making waves in the beauty industry. Our patented technology reduces essential molecules like hyaluronic acid, mineral salts, and vitamins into nanoparticles that are infused through the skin, penetrating all layers - even reaching the muscular level.

Our small application cup allows us to target precise areas of the body that need treatment. The tiny size of the nanoparticles allows them to work on a cellular level, effectively reducing wrinkles and other visible signs of aging. But that's not all - Nano CellCare has been shown to significantly reduce inflammation and pain, and improve overall well-being and the body's natural defenses.

Our treatment is short, non-invasive, and completely painless. You'll see results almost immediately, but we recommend repeated treatments to maximize the benefits. Experience the future of anti-aging technology with Nano CellCare!

With Nano CellCare, you can achieve a healthier and more youthful appearance. This breakthrough technology from Nano Healthcare offers a unique solution to "turn back the clock" and rejuvenate your skin, tissue, muscles, and tendons.

By working at a cellular level with active nutrients and building materials, Nano CellCare surpasses traditional techniques, creams, and serums. By reducing liquids to nanoparticles between 20 and 200 nanometers in size, Nano CellCare delivers these building ingredients deep into the skin layers, where they are recognized by the cells as the body's own ingredients.

Depending on the application method, nanoparticles can penetrate up to 4 centimeters deep into the skin or tissue. For example, 1 milliliter of nanorized Hyaluronic Acid applied at a cellular level is equivalent to drinking at least 1 liter of Hyaluronic Acid, with an amplified effect many times greater than drinking alone.

Nano CellCare also delivers important vitamins, minerals from the Dead Sea, and Hyaluronic Acid to muscle level, replenishing declining body production and allowing cells to renew themselves fully. This process raises the immune system and can prevent future complaints.

Depending on age, genetic structure, and predisposition, Nano CellCare can achieve skin rejuvenation of up to 8-12 years in just 6 months with once-a-week treatments. Follow-up treatments are scheduled once a month or every two months to maintain the level of rejuvenation.

Nano CellCare has been successful in treating many complaints, including migraine, osteoarthritis, neuropathy, psoriasis, fibromyalgia, joint pains, rosacea, inflammation, torn muscles and tendons, burns, heel track, eczema, allergies, scar tissue, acne, excessive sebum production, malfunctioning immune system, asthma, COPD, back complaints, sleep problems, and improvement of personal and athletic endurance. 

Dr. Timurhan Tastutar explains that hyaluronic acid is a complex sugar which is compatible with water and consists of smaller Glucosam instructions. It can be naturally found in various parts of the body such as the skin, connective tissue, joints, placenta and nervous system. An individual typically produces at least 15 grams of hyaluronic acid per day. The main functions of hyaluronic acid include collagen production, water retention in the skin, reconstruction of muscle tissue (especially after a heart attack), and isolation of inflammation. Without hyaluronic acid, there would be no connective tissues, progeny (baby), synovial fluid or functional skin. The hyaluronic acid available for purchase is typically produced by biotechnology, usually through metabolic manipulation of bacteria. Dr. Timurhan Tastutar can be contacted at Waldstr. 34A, 47551 Bedburg-Hau or by phone at +491724199809.  


Had my first Nano treatment on the 4/11/19 , 10 weeks after having a radical hysterectomy along with both ovaries removed.

I felt immediate results .The visible swelling and bruising was 99% better , especially where my jeans button had been pressing on my navel area , where I had one of the keyhole incision .

I had 3 treatments in a week leading up to my 3 month check up with my consultant. To my absolute surprise (and his ) I have no puckered keyhole scars x 4 and no scar tissue adhesions apart from 2 cm on the left lower abdominal area which, I believe , is from my previous C -sections and not the most recent surgery.

My body naturally heals with terrible scar tissue and because of this , I have had to have surgery on the scar tissue. Nano has removed the scar tissue and left me scar free in my stomach ! My stomach feels softer and I have no pain .

3 months post major surgery I’ve never felt better and I’m cancer free too.

Thank you Dorota . You have been instrumental in my recovery , along with Hypoxi I’ve lost 3 kgs and will never look back. Chance meeting has changed my life.

Gaby xxxx

Acute patellar tendonitis had been making my life Hell. This coupled with a life changing hand injury meant that I was fed up with living in constant pain.

So, I limped into Dorota’s Lifestyle studio. where I was met with nothing but positivity and enthusiastic chatter about a new therapy which would heal me. Soon followed, Nano Tech Therapy for both complaints. Which essentially fires nanoparticles through the skin releasing healing properties, where needed.

I have to say, I was shocked to experience immediate results. Straight away my hand could not only flex better, but the pain had significantly diminished. And my knee could definitely bear more weight. 

   By my second session it was clearly visible that the colour of my hand had changed. Before it    resembled a hand on a cold day with puffy purple patches. Now it was back to my natural skin tone. The circulation had obviously improved.

Initially my treatments were twice a week dropping to once a week.

The results have been genuinely astounding! My knee pain which I had for 3 years give or take. Has now more or less disappeared. Whilst the dexterity in my hand has been restored beyond belief. I will never have full range of movement in my hand due to the sheer amount of metal used to fuse the bones back together. But its now so much more able to respond to the brain’s commands.

I had been in pain for so long. I guess, I just figured I would just have to get used to it.

Now I realise no one should have to live with pain. When you can do something about it.

I feel like now there are endless possibilities. Just last Saturday I cycled 100 miles for charity. And my knee feels brand new!!

Thank you so much Dorota for making this possible!  Matt xxxx