HYPOXI - Weight Loss

What is the HYPOXI-Method?

HYPOXI is a body shaping method that specifically targets problem areas, such as persistent fat pads, cellulite, and weak connective tissue. Developed by Dr. Norbert Egger in Salzburg in the 1990s, this method has gained popularity in over 50 countries worldwide. The HYPOXI-Method works by using the natural principles of lipid metabolism to systematically reduce unwanted fat deposits, which is not typically achieved through traditional weight loss methods. In addition to its fat-reducing benefits, the training involved in the HYPOXI-Method also improves the overall complexion. With modern training devices, a holistic approach, and personalized coaching, this method is effective in the long term. 

How does the HYPOXI-Method work?

To successfully reduce body fat, optimal blood circulation in targeted areas is crucial, and this is where the HYPOXI-Method stands out. The method utilizes a combination of vacuum-based cupping and compression treatments to apply systematic pressure to these areas. Moderate kinetic exercise also stimulates metabolism, activating and transporting redundant fat via the blood circulation to be burned in the muscles. Additionally, HYPOXI improves the appearance of cellulite and strengthens the dermal and connective tissue, resulting in a firmer and more beautiful complexion. 

Can you do anything wrong when using the HYPOXI-Method?

At all authorised HYPOXI studios, certified coaches will oversee your progress. They will customize the HYPOXI method to meet your specific needs and monitor your training's performance, progress, and success. In addition, your coach will assist you in creating a balanced nutrition plan. 

Do I have to do sports as well?

It is not advisable to engage in extra exercise on the days when you have HYPOXI-Training sessions, as it may have adverse effects on your results. However, on days when you are not undergoing HYPOXI-Training, you are welcome to participate in any type of physical activity. Exercise is a crucial component of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. 

What are the concrete benefits of the HYPOXI-Method?

By using the HYPOXI-Method, you can achieve your desired body shape quickly and sustainably. You will specifically target the areas of your body that you want to transform through tailored training. The HYPOXI-Coaches in authorized studios will customize the training to your individual requirements, ensuring that it's never too intense or poses any risk to your well-being. 

How long does it take before you see the results?

After a few sessions of the HYPOXI-Method, you will start to see noticeable results. The duration of the exercise varies based on your goals and individual constitution. Typically, it takes between one to three months to achieve your desired outcomes. 

How long does one exercise session take?

The unique aspect of the HYPOXI-Method is that even short exercise sessions can lead to significant improvements. Each exercise session lasts for 30 or 50 minutes, making it possible to fit the training into your busy schedule, such as during your lunch break. The HYPOXI-Coach will work with you to design a personalized exercise plan, including reserved appointments.

Scientists confirm the effectiveness of the HYPOXI-Method

A recent scientific study conducted by Professor and Doctor Christoph M. Bamberger, Head of the Medical Prevention Centre of Hamburg (MPCH), officially confirms the effectiveness of the HYPOXI-Method. The study, which lasted for four weeks, compared the overall effectiveness of HYPOXI with conventional training to determine whether HYPOXI can increase fat burning in problem areas with the application of alternating negative and positive pressure. The answer was clear and the results were significant.

Prof. Dr. Bamberger explains at the beginning of the study, "The reduction of energy input and the increase of energy consumption through physical activity are the basis of weight reduction and weight control. Up until now, it could not be proven that any method systematically and preferentially reduced body fat in specific body areas."

The study involved 20 women and 16 men who were divided into two groups. Half of the women completed a half-hour training course on a conventional bicycle ergometer or treadmill three times a week, while the female HYPOXI group completed their training on the Trainer S120 which was developed specifically for the problem areas from the waist down.

The men, who were concentrating on the problem areas of the abdomen and hips, were also divided into two groups. One group completed their training on a conventional treadmill while the HYPOXI group did their training on the Vacunaut and the specifically designed Pressure Suit. The Vacunaut increases the blood circulation directly to the abdomen area.

All participants in the study adhered to HYPOXI’s recommended nutritional guidelines. After one month, the measurements of all participants were taken, and the HYPOXI group showed significantly better results in the problem areas. The women in the HYPOXI group lost on average 13.1 cms around their hips, buttocks, and upper thighs, while those in the control group lost only 4.8 cms. Among the men, the problem areas of the stomach and hips were in the spotlight. Here the HYPOXI group scored an average circumferential loss of 9.4 cms while again the control group shed only 2.9 cms.

Prof. Bamberger concludes, "The assumption that the HYPOXI-Method can be used to target body loss in the problem areas has been clearly confirmed by our study."

Is the HYPOXI-Method healthy?

The HYPOXI-Method is built upon established therapy and training techniques, which have been continuously refined and improved by HYPOXI over the years.

By targeting specific problem areas, the HYPOXI-Training efficiently eliminates excess body fat and promotes a healthier body composition. Additionally, the combination of moderate exercise and pressure therapy helps to boost metabolism and strengthen and firm the connective tissue.

The end result? A sense of complete physical wellness! 

Can the HYPOXI-Method be applied despite varicose veins?

In general, HYPOXI-Training is safe for individuals with varicose veins as it helps to stimulate blood circulation and relieve pressure on the venous system. However, if you have concerns or questions, a qualified HYPOXI-Coach can discuss this with you during your consultation. 

Who should not use the HYPOXI-Method?

Can I achieve results with the HYPOXI-Method without dieting?

Yes, the HYPOXI-Method doesn't require strict, one-sided diets as they can be difficult to maintain and result in weight rebound. Instead, it acknowledges that each individual has unique nutritional needs. Therefore, the HYPOXI-Coach at your studio will help you create a personalized nutrition plan that complements your HYPOXI-Training. By tailoring your diet to meet your body's specific requirements, you can achieve your fitness goals effectively and sustainably without the need for extreme dieting.

Which equipment do I train on?

There are four advanced HYPOXI-Training machines at your disposal, each designed to specifically target problem areas on your body. These machines combine moderate fat-burning exercises with enhanced blood circulation in the targeted body region. The S120 and L250 machines are designed for the legs, hips, and buttocks areas, while the Vacunaut machine helps shape the stomach. Additionally, if you're looking for tighter connective tissue and a more youthful complexion, you can try the HYPOXI-Dermology machine. 

The S120 Trainer utilizes a combination of three principles to efficiently target and reduce unwanted fat deposits in the legs and buttocks. Negative and positive pressure are applied along with moderate exercise. The vacuum treatment draws blood into the skin and fat tissue, enhancing the nutrient supply. During the compression phase, blood and fluids are drained out. The moderate kinetic exercise aids in burning the reduced fat within the muscles. 

The L250 Trainer is a suitable option for individuals with high body weight or low fitness levels. This exercise is performed in a reclining position, and involves alternating between negative and normal pressure to enhance blood circulation. Pedaling upwards with your legs takes advantage of gravity to promote natural and healthy fat drainage, while also preventing potential congestion

The Vacunaut device is designed to address problem areas such as the stomach and hips. The treatment involves creating the necessary pressure conditions in the Vacunaut column, which are then transmitted to a specially designed suit called the PressureSuit. The activation chambers in the suit alternate between positive and negative pressure, targeting the entire stomach and hip region. Meanwhile, moderate exercise on a treadmill helps to burn fat.

HYPOXI-Dermology is a non-invasive method used to improve skin tightness. The activation chambers of the HD-PressureSuit are utilized to treat the targeted body areas while you relax on the ergonomically designed HD Comfort Couch. 400 chambers apply the principle of cupping, using alternating positive and negative pressure to stimulate blood flow and tighten the skin, without any harmful side effects.

I am of a certain age and was not too slim. I did two series of sessions continuously over the summer. I followed the instructions in between-and they were the simplest, easiest steps to follow for someone who could never diet ! The sessions were a pleasure - thanks also to the warm personality of Dorota - and the system worked marvels for me . I lost more than 40 centimeters in total - in all the right places. And so far, thanks to the speeding up of the metabolism - and many months later - I carry on feeling and looking lighter. I have been immensely impressed by the Hypoxi system and recommend it 100%" - Marie-Laure

"My experience with HYPOXI has been amazing. I started HYPOXI to lose my love handles and stomach but the reason I am still going is the help I get for the pain in my legs. My legs are very painful and often feel heavy which disturbs my sleep. When I go to HYPOXI, my legs stop aching and I feel much better. The benefit I get from the sessions is beyond what I expected and I am grateful to Dorota." - Veronique

"Five weeks in and 46cm down!! I've always believed that the truth is in the pudding! What I thought was going to be extreme hard work, turned out to be the easiest form of weight and fat loss for me. 3 HYPOXI sessions a week, a good healthy diet and most importantly, Dorotas support, motivation and love for helping others, contributed to my overall success massively! I am most definitely looking forward to what the next 5 weeks hold! Watch this space!" - Beejal

"Excellent place to shape up! I m so happy that I found this place! Highly recommended! Dorota is extremely professional and highly skilled! She supported me on my way to achieve my goals.

Every time I walk into HYPOXI Chiswick I always wonder why I don't do this more regularly. I feel like I'm walking into a group of friends (in a way they are my friends), they know my name and as soon as I enter the shop I hear a super warm 'Hi Orsi How are you?'

Dorota loves people and on top of that she gives honest and supportive guidance when it comes to choosing a right treatment.

I come back regularly to keep in shape and a good chat. She always offers me tea and water with a great customer service. Thanks HYPOXI Chiswick!" - Orsi