Dear Valued Clients,

Happy New Year!

I wanted to share some important news with you. After much consideration, I have decided to close the studio as of January 1, 2024, to pursue new and exciting ideas.

This decision has not been made lightly, and I am truly grateful for the support and loyalty you have shown to the studio over the years. I am immensely proud of what we have achieved together.

I want to express my deepest gratitude for being a part of our studio community. It has been a pleasure serving you, and I am excited about the possibilities that the future holds.

Welcome to Dorota's Lifestyle Studio HYPOXI

"Our mission at Dorota's Lifestyle Studio is to inspire and empower individuals to live healthy, balanced, and fulfilling lives. Through our comprehensive wellness programs and personalized coaching services, we aim to create a supportive community where our clients can cultivate sustainable habits, build self-awareness, and achieve their goals. With a focus on holistic approaches to health and wellness, we strive to provide accessible, effective, and evidence-based tools and resources that help our clients optimize their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. At Dorota's Lifestyle Studio, we believe that everyone deserves to thrive, and we are committed to providing the guidance and support needed to make that possible." 

HYPOXI® is a unique and effective method that adapted technology and training into a highly effective treatment to combat cellulite,  lose fat and improve connective tissue in the problem areas of the body.

Contact our friendly team at Dorota's Lifestyle Studio to find out more information and book your trial session today.

HYPOXI - Weight Loss 

Formostar is a far-infrared body wrap system. Close your eyes, relax and enjoy the warmth of infrared heat penetrating your body, helping you burn up to 1200 calories in one treatment, lose weight, reduce cellulite, detox, and help pain management.

Please get in touch to claim your complimentary trial session.

Formostar- Infrared Body Wrap 

BTL Emsella is an FDA-approved, breakthrough pelvic floor muscle exercise treatment for incontinence and intimate health. 

Would you like to try it before you buy it? Please get in touch.

BTL Emsella 

Nano CellCare is a revolutionary anti-aging technology. It works by reducing molecules of essential hyaluronic acid, mineral salts and vitamins into nanoparticles which are gently infused through the skin, penetrating all its layers.

Nano CellCare 


My journey towards owning my own HYPOXI Studio began when I noticed my body changing at the age of thirty. I started gaining weight, and it began to affect how I felt about myself. As a prison officer at Wormwood Scrubs, my job was stressful and demanding, which made it difficult to maintain regular meals and contributed to my weight gain.

In August 2013, I discovered HYPOXI and decided to give it a try. I was committed to the program and followed all nutritional guidelines closely. As someone who doesn't enjoy hard-core PT sessions, the appointment-based program was perfect for me and kept me motivated.

Within six weeks, I noticed a significant change. I had lost around 7 kg (dress size UK 8/10 / DE 34/36) and my lower body had toned up, losing fat in problem areas like my stomach, buttocks, and legs. Friends started to compliment me, and my uniform trousers felt looser.

That turning point was when I decided to open my own HYPOXI Studio, and I've never looked back. I want others to feel as confident and comfortable in their skin as I do. Having struggled with low self-esteem myself, I understand how hard it can be to overcome. That's why I'm dedicated to my clients, and their growth, both physically and emotionally.

Over time, I built long-lasting relationships with my clients and realised that there was a need for more. I believe that physical health and well-being are key to feeling confident and happy within your body. That's why I spend time listening to my clients and have introduced other high-quality services that complement HYPOXI.

But I'm not stopping there. Check out our website and social media for new treatment updates, as I'm always looking for ways to provide the best possible care for my clients.

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