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"My experience with HYPOXI has been amazing. I started HYPOXI to lose my love handles and stomach but the reason I am still going is the help I get for the pain in my legs. My legs are very painful and often feel heavy which disturbs my sleep. When I go to HYPOXI, my legs stop aching and I feel much better. The benefit I get from the sessions is beyond what I expected and I am grateful to Dorota." - Veronique

"Five weeks in and 46cm down!! I've always believed that the truth is in the pudding! What I thought was going to be extreme hard work, turned out to be the easiest form of weight and fat loss for me. 3 HYPOXI sessions a week, a good healthy diet and most importantly, Dorotas support, motivation and love for helping others, contributed to my overall success massively! I am most definitely looking forward to what the next 5 weeks hold! Watch this space!" - Beejal

"Excellent place to shape up! I m so happy that I found this place! Highly recommended! Dorota is extremely professional and highly skilled! She supported me on my way to achieve my goals.

Every time I walk into HYPOXI Chiswick I always wonder why I don't do this more regularly. I feel like I'm walking into a group of friends (in a way they are my friends), they know my name and as soon as I enter the shop I hear a super warm 'Hi Orsi How are you?'

Dorota loves people and on top of that she gives honest and supportive guidance when it comes to choosing a right treatment.

I come back regularly to keep in shape and a good chat. She always offers me tea and water with a great customer service. Thanks HYPOXI Chiswick!" - Orsi