Nanorizing liquids is a worldwide new patented technique and has been established by a number of German inventors united under the name Medic Activ Vertriebs GmbH.

The NanoTech Therapy device is produced entirely in Germany and already meets all requirements possible legal European requirements per 01-2020 in the field of Beauty & Wellness equipment.

The inventors of the NanoTech Therapy with which liquid can be made into nano particles on location, established their first worldwide patent in 2010.

The NanoTech Therapy is not a registered medical cure or medicine in itself and works exclusively with its own substances, natural amino acids, vitamins and minerals, including the healing salt from the Dead Sea.

By offering these substances at the cell level (Nano format between 20 and 200) Nanometer) these substances are better and faster recognized as potential food and building material for the body cells, tendons and muscles.

Anything smaller than 80 nanometers can travel freely through the skin layers directly to the underlying Epidermis, Dermis, Connective Tissue, Fat, Subcutis and Hypodermis. The Nano particles can penetrate the skin up to 4 cm deep, even up to the muscle level depending on the circumstances of the application.

It can be applied locally and directly to specific complaint areas. The effect can have an anti-symptom effect or even keep complaints away for a long time by activating the metabolism in the cell structure.

Complaint areas where good results have already been experienced:

• Migraine (also chronic) • Osteoarthritis-like disorders

• Neuropathy complaints • Psoriasis in an early stage

• Fibromyalgia • Joint pains

• Rosacea and couperose • Inflammation

• Torn muscles and tendons • Burns

• Heel track • Eczema and skin rash in allergies

• Stretched neck and shoulder muscles & stress related complaints

• COPD and direct oxygen uptake increase

• Scar tissue (if not older than maximum 2 years full recovery possible)

• Acne and excessive sebum production

• Malfunctioning immune system

• Asthmatic complaints

• Skin rejuvenation & creation of new ones collagen and fibroblasts

• Back complaints

• Sleep problems

• Improvement of personal & athletic endurance


Hyaluronic acid is a water-friendly complex sugar that consists of smaller Glucosam instructions. It is usually found in the skin, connective tissue, joints, placenta and nervous system.

An average person produces at least 15 g per day.

The main tasks of hyaluron are collagen production, water re- tention in the skin, reconstruction of muscle tissue (especially after a heart attack) and inflammation isolation. Without hyalu- ron there are no connective tissues, progeny (baby), synovial fluid or functional skin.

The hyaluron that is for sale is produced by biotechnology, usually by metabolic manipulated bacteria.

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Before and after the first treatment, 25 hours apart

Before and after the first treatment, approx. 2 years old superficial scars

Price list

1 cartridge treatment £95 (usually £120)

2 cartridges treatment £135 (usually £170)

3 cartridges treatment £175 (usually £220)

Purchase a course of 10 treatments and we will reward you with additional 2 treatments at the end.

You get addicted to almost immediate results!