"I have lost more than 4 cm around my waist without any effort."
Gerardo Herrera

What are the concrete benefits of the HYPOXI-Method?

With the HYPOXI-Method, you'll reach your goal fast and with long-term success. You systematically train the body areas you want to change. The training is customised to your individual needs – ensured by the qualified HYPOXI-Coaches in the authorised studios. As a result, your training will never be too strenuous or a risk to your health.

How long does it take before you can see the results?

Results begin to show after just a few sessions. The actual exercise duration of the HYPOXI-Method depends on your goals and your individual constitution. Usually, it takes between one and three months to reach your personal goals.

How long does one exercise session take?

This is precisely what is special about the HYPOXI-Method: even short exercise sessions can yield positive results. The exercises take approx. 30 to 50 minutes per visit. You can use your lunch break for the HYPOXI-Training, for example. Again: the HYPOXI-Coach designs a customised exercise plan with reserved appointments.