"I have lost more than 4 cm around my waist without any effort."
Gerardo Herrera

Is the HYPOXI-Method healthy?

This question can be answered with a clear Yes! The HYPOXI-Method is based on time-tested cure and training methods which have been consistently further developed by HYPOXI.

The HYPOXI-Training systematically removes redundant body fat which strains the body. Moderate movement stimulates the metabolism; the connective tissue is strengthened and tightened.

The result? Complete physical well-being!

Can the HYPOXI-Method be applied despite varicose veins?

Usually HYPOXI-Training is completely safe for people with varicose veins. Stimulating blood circulation also relieves the venous system. If in doubt, the qualified HYPOXI-Coach will talk to you about this at your consultation..

Who should not use the HYPOXI-Method?

A simple rule of thumb: everybody who is allowed to do light cycle exercises can take advantage of the HYPOXI-Method.

People suffering from the following symptoms should only perform HYPOXI-Training after consulting a doctor:
    • severe damage to the circulatory system
    • acute vascular disorders
    • pathological cardiovascular diseases
    • bone and muscle atrophy

      HYPOXI-Training is not allowed

    • during pregnancy
    • in the case of infections or inflammations
    • in general states of pain